About The Artist

I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. When I was six years old, I got a sketchbook of coloured paper and on the first page drew a map of an imaginary country. Through the rest of the pages, I drew pictures of the country, imaginary buildings, people, places and events. When that book was full, I bought another sketchbook and made up another country.

I excelled in math and sciences in high school and dreamt of becoming an architect (Louis Isadore Kahn and Douglas Cardinal are my favourite architects). I went to Grande Prairie Regional College and received a diploma in visual arts. Classes were small, teachers were excellent and I created a lot of art through sculpture, painting and drawing as well studying art history.

When that book was full, I bought another sketchbook and made up another country.

Still planning on becoming an architect, I transferred to the University of Calgary to complete my Fine Arts Degree in 1992. I specialized in drawing and took a minor in urban studies. I did some of my best art in my graduation year. I also met Sandra in my final year of university and we were married in December of 1992.

After university I went to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and took a two-year diploma in Architectural Technologies. There were a few courses in CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting), but most of the drafting was done at a drafting table. When I finished the diploma I was able to get a job with a survey company in Fort St. John, B.C. We spent two years there in which time Benjamin (Oct. 1994) and Cory (Feb. 1996) were born. The work experience I had acquired made it possible for us to return to Calgary where I got a job as a draftsman with Golder Associates Ltd. Our third son, Jamy, was born in April, 1998.

I have done much less drawing by hand since becoming a father and making a career working on computers. I’ve drawn some report covers as part of my job, and completed a few significant drawings in the last four years, but it wasn’t until recently that I began drawing consistently. Some recent drawings are posted on this web site, with more to follow as they are completed.Read about Louis Isadore Kahn and Douglas Cardinal!